Monday, August 13, 2007

Congratulations Becky!

Becky got married on Friday July 27th and she looked fabulous for her big day, don't you think? Not only did Becky lose weight working with me as a lifestyle coach, but she also instilled some new healthy lifestyle habits. The big one for Becky was starting to eat breakfast. Becky started as somebody who told me that would never happen to a person that couldn't go without breakfast. This small change made a big difference in Becky's weight. Becky also found that through the lifestyle coaching making healthy choices became more of an automatic decision rather than agony. Things like flakies and french fries began to lose their hold on her. Ordering healthier choices at restaurants became a preference rather than a duty. Becky also started to do meal planning and regular grocery shopping so there were healthy food choices right in her house. Not only did Becky lose weight but she gained a lot of skills to keep it off and stay healthy. Congratulations Becky!!!!