Monday, August 13, 2007

Congratulations Becky!

Becky got married on Friday July 27th and she looked fabulous for her big day, don't you think? Not only did Becky lose weight working with me as a lifestyle coach, but she also instilled some new healthy lifestyle habits. The big one for Becky was starting to eat breakfast. Becky started as somebody who told me that would never happen to a person that couldn't go without breakfast. This small change made a big difference in Becky's weight. Becky also found that through the lifestyle coaching making healthy choices became more of an automatic decision rather than agony. Things like flakies and french fries began to lose their hold on her. Ordering healthier choices at restaurants became a preference rather than a duty. Becky also started to do meal planning and regular grocery shopping so there were healthy food choices right in her house. Not only did Becky lose weight but she gained a lot of skills to keep it off and stay healthy. Congratulations Becky!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Only 4 sleeps left

Today is my final dress fitting, then I get to take it home! Three walks last week with my Mom - but the weekend was waaay to busy to get to the gym. But we did walk to the restaurant for dinner on Saturday night, instead of taking the car!

One struggle this week will be proper meal planning, with all the running around. I literally have no idea where my meals are going to be coming from, as I don't know where I'll be. With the wedding dress in the closet, I'll be sure to watching what goes in my mouth!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Only 11 sleeps left

I was definitely "emotional" eating this weekend - food went well, balanced meals, but the snacking....there were chips & pepsi everywhere!!! I got it all out of my system and we're down to the final count. Now all I have to do is maintain the more emotional eating.

If one more person asks if I'm stressed, I'm going to hit them over the head with a block of cheese. I don't physically feel stressed, but obviously this weekend with the snacking....there's a little bit there.....BUT, I don't need to be reminded!

I got up walking this morning for 35 minutes with my Mom. Planning on doing this all week and next. I'm e-mailing my coach once per day with my food intake, and have given her full permission to call me and yell at me if there is something she doesn't like!

One week till the dress fitting, I am so excited to see it without beadwork and hemlines all over the place!! The outfit will finally come together....I just have to fit into it (not that I'm worried)!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

I am travelling again this week, and will have to watch the eating out - make the healthy decision at meals while at restaurants. I do believe after all the "coaching" this week, and with the wedding deadline coming up in just 18 days - I'll be able to control the urge to eat junk!

I packed my swim suit in hopes of having a pool at my hotel - I'll find out in about an hour when I leave the office. If not, then I'll be going for a walk, as it's finally stopped raining here in Montreal......

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Flash Forward almost two months....

It is now just 23 days before my wedding and I sit at 158 pounds. I have had my second dress fitting, and they once again had to take the dress in around the hips/under my arms. With all the bead work in the bodice of the dress - the seamstress was not very happy! But, I had told them in May that I was actively trying to lose weight.

I am three pounds from my goal of 155, but I have been instructed by the dress shop to not try and actively lose weight. My goal for the next three weeks is going to be to maintain the 158 - as when I am stressed, I will eat. Unlike most brides, I will not lose weight because of stress, I'll have to be watching that it doesn't come back on!

I have continued eating breakfast every morning - but it is hard now with the rest of my meals, as I'm staying at different friends houses now before the wedding, as I gave up my apartment at the end of May. That doesn't make for very balanced meals, and something I have to actively watch and plan for. For example, today Sean (my fiance) brought all the items to make a wrap for both of us for lunch - but instead of making it himself this morning, I'll be preparing them at lunch. But....hey, it's better then heading down the street to Wendy's for lunch!

If the last three pounds does come off, then I will be very happy. But I have to admit that all the compliments that I have been receiving from friends, family and coworkers makes me pretty happy with 158!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Putting things into writing....

...makes you realize how bad you're actually eating!

This was a bad weekend for nibbling, but I did actually make it to the gym on Saturday and will be going for a run tonight, as I have to work late.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Baseball season begins....

...I just got the call, and the baseball season has begun. Tuesday night begins a double-header every week of baseball - yipee! More exercise to add to the regime. This week during my call, we discussed accountability - and I'm going to be e-mailing my food log (as we seem to talk about accountability on my part all the time, but now we're doing something about it) to my coach every day. As well, she is going to e-mail me regarding the days I've promised to go to the gym. All in the name of...... 155!!!