Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Weekend Binge

So I went away this past weekend for four days to Halifax for our shareholder's weekend - and I ate alot. I have to admit I knew it was going to happen and I really enjoyed myself. But....I was also planning how I was going to return to the new "norm" on Tuesday morning and thought about how much I was going to enjoy it. After having fish and chips for the second time this weekend on Monday, I was already beginning to crave my raw veggies and salad lunches! I started off this morning with my bowl of cereal and then had a balanced lunch - I've been drinking water all day and I actually had a cup of Jasmine Green Tea this moning. Something new I'm incorporating into my diet!! I checked this morning and I gained two pounds while I was away (not bad considering what I ate, but we did a LOT of walking) and this week begins the drive to 155!!

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Melissa West said...

I love the drive to 155!!!! Lots of green veggies should pave the way. Maybe we can brainstorm some more moderate binging strategies for while you are away on your next call.