Friday, April 13, 2007

For the upcoming week....

So I have discovered spinning classes - I am not a sweat"er" (i.e., a person who sweats profusely), but let me tell you it is dripping of me once I'm done one of these one hour classes! I am still struggling to get below 160 - currently at 161 and decided to change up the fitness abit, to see if that will be get me to my next goal!

I have a few goals for this week, and they are as follows:
- try to make it to two spinning classes and once weight training
- buy some jasmine green tea - to try and cut out the pop intake, great idea to make the jasmine green tea, cool it down and then add some honey/lemon to make iced tea
- I'm going to do some more meal planning this weekend - Sean was sick this week and I was travelling, so there is still a lot of groceries to eat up this week
- in anticipation of spring arriving some time soon, I'm going to look into local dog parks this weekend, that we can take Tonka to and let him run around with us off the leash

Only three days until my first dress fitting - let's see if I can drop that last pound before then!

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Melissa West said...

Thanks for the post Becky! Let us know how your goals go for this week.

Little correction, this next pound is not the last pound... there will be more lost after that, am I right?

160 for the dress fitting and dropping until the wedding!