Monday, February 5, 2007

I made it through another weekend

So it was Super Bowl weekend - not that I am any sort of fan of football, but I did get together with a couple of girlfriends to watch "Never Been Kissed", amongst other TV shows throughout the night. While the men gathered around the TV for their annual fill of football (seriously, I don't think Sean watches football on a regular basis, except the couple of weeks prior to Super Bowl) with their steaks and snacks, we had our own munchies to snack on!! I then proceeded to eat pizza, hickory sticks, pepsi and to top it off with a chocolate pudding dessert - while all scrumtious, not on my "plan" to lose weight before the big day.

I'd gotten on the scale on Saturday morning (which I am vowing never to do again during the week and to wait until Thursday mornings) and I was up a couple of pounds, which set the tone for the weekend of "while I might as well snack since I'm having a bad week". We also went for lunch at Swiss Chalet on Sunday and I'd enjoyed my usual - quarter chicken with fries/salad, again not with the plan!

One bonus, I did manage to pick up some additional groceries on Sunday afternoon - including veggie/fruit snacks and my frozen fruit (due to the pitiful state of veggies/fruit when the snow flies) for the smoothies. My plan is to do some damage control the next three days, by exercising and being really conscious of what I eat, prior to hitting the scale Thursday morning (you know that whole, getting back on the horse thing.....).

Tonight, we are again going to the gym right after work, but have plans to leave work a bit early so we can work out, then get home early enough in the evening to eat (i.e., not at 9 pm) and of course watch one of our favourite shows - Prison Break!

Tomorrow morning begins the fruit smoothies - I promise, I'll let you know how it goes!!

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Melissa West said...

Wow! Sounds like a weekend full of irresistable temptations! Congratulations on getting right back on the horse Monday morning. A question to consider: How could you have better avoided all out binging on junk food this past weekend? What sort of preplanning would it take to resist going with the flow? Have a great week full of high powered work outs and nutritious eating.