Tuesday, February 6, 2007

KitKat & Aero "Singles"

So I was out at lunch buying some things at Shopper's Drug Mart and noticed that KitKat and Aero now have "Singles" - a serving of their chocolate bar that is advertised as 80 calories per bar. I bought one of each kind for me to try, and another two for Sean and brought them back to the office. I ate the KitKat one, which was a nice treat, then thought I'd try the Aero one and felt almost sick with all that chocolate! I ended up only eating 1/6 of the Aero bar and gave the rest to Sean.

I haven't eaten a lot of sweet stuff in the last 3 weeks and was shocked to find how turned off I was by the chocolate bar (although as previously admitted, I am a "salt" lover) - I then proceeded back to my desk to munch on carrot sticks!

Yeah me!!!!

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Nathaly. =] said...

Wow, I don't see how you can do that! Then again I've never tried any of the "singles" chocolate.

But have you noticed that most chocolate bars are handing out smaller portions of their chocolate with "less calories"?