Monday, March 19, 2007

I ate eggs for breakfast

I actually cooked a couple of eggs yesterday for breakfast.....and ate them in an english muffin as a sandwich. Yeahhhhhh....protein for me in the morning, one of my goals achieved! This morning I am enjoying my rye bread and peanut butter..........more protein for me (a trend is starting.....).

As well, on Saturday afternoon/night, we were going out for St. Patrick's Day and I wasn't sure what kind of food I'd be eating at the pubs - so my goal was to make lunch my biggest meal of the day. I actually baked two pieces of chicken around lunch on Saturday and ate one of them with a very large salad, including some chunks of cheese (notice the protein theme again....). The second piece of chicken is in the fridge at work today and will be put on another big salad, along with a of variety nuts (protein again......)!

Tonight I'm heading out to the bulk store to find hemp seed nuts and then I'm going to pick up some chickpeas - all additional sources of protein. On my next grocery order I'll be adding brown rice to the mix.

Only 5 weeks till my first wedding dress fitting!!!!!!!!!

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Melissa West said...

Congratulations on getting more protein with your meals Becky! I am especially proud of you having eggs at breakfast. I can't wait to see how well the dress fitting will go in 5 weeks with all the great work you have been doing!