Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Meal Planning 101

So my goal in the next two weeks is to "meal plan". We went to the grocery store on Saturday and I had a list of items I needed from recipes I had pulled from one of my cookbooks. This way, when I go to cook something after a long day at work - all the ingredients are in the cupboard! Monday night we had a great recipe with chicken, broccoli, mushrooms in a "low cal" soup/sauce over rice - yummy! Tonight after going to the gym, we'll be having chicken stir-fry! I've been really turned off this winter by the vegetables and when I saw bean sprouts and snow peas on the weekend, I decided to give them a try in a stir-fry.

Another goal for the next two weeks is to eat some sort of protein at breakfast - this morning I enjoyed my english muffin with peanut butter and tomorrow morning I'm actually going to boil an egg - yes....I'm going to make an effort and actually cook something for breakfast!

So we had to change the time for our "coaching" calls - due to the travelling, but also having our time scheduled for 4:30 pm (way too much going on at the end of the day), we have now adjusted to a 9:00 am call starting this Friday. I realized this week when we spoke how much I actually missed the calls the previous couple of weeks (both due to my fault) and being able to re-focus/re-group for the coming week.

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Melissa West said...

Wow Becky! I am glad you are enjoying the fruits of your meal planning labour. For all the grumbling and moaning I hear about meal planning, I hear an equal amount of enjoyment out of the meals once we just sit down and DO IT! It is way better having things on hand that you know you can actually make into something.

There are lots of recipes that cater to dinner ready in 30 minutes or less. So once you do the meal planning you probably spend less time staring into the fridge and the cupboard wondering what to make at the end of an exhausting day. I myself am holding a cooking class in May based on that theme. So, prior planning always prevents poor performance and healthier weight!

I'm looking forward to our new phone time on Friday morning as well. I was also glad to hear that the calls are really giving you something since you did miss them over the last couple of weeks.