Wednesday, January 31, 2007

After that glowing commendation.....

...about going to the gym 3x's per week, I have to say that I didn't make it at all this week. This was a week of appointments, school work, birthday parties (one was my fiance's, which we celebrated on three separate occasions) & really big work commitments (long hours). AHHHHH!!!! I still have ball hockey tonight though. I am quickly realizing that if I can't get to the gym on a Thursday night and it's a busy weekend, then it is tough to get to the gym 3 times in a week - but will continue to try.

BUT.....a huge positive is that I am wearing pants that I haven't worn in over 8 months. I decided to try them on today as I am actually "feeling" thinner (which is a very nice feeling!) and they actually fit - okay, a little snug, but I could close the zipper & button!

I did some internet research and found the following - yes, they have guys doing the exercises in the photos, but I'm familiar with some of them from previous workouts, and look forward to trying them out:
The Chest Weight Lifting Exercises
#1 Incline Dumbbell Presses
#2 Flat Dumbbell Presses
#3 Incline Dumbbell Flys

The Ab Workout
#1 Crunches
#2 Reverse Crunches

The Back Weight Lifting Exercise
#1 One-Arm Dumbbell Rows
#2 Bent-Over Barbell Rows
#3 Pullups (Cable Pull Downs)

Tomorrow night, I am going to start my routine of rotating through the different parts of my body while working out - one night arms, one night legs and one night chest/back/abs. Hello wedding dress!

I am looking forward to getting on the scale tomorrow morning to see what I way (bet you don't hear that often.......). In the late summer/fall I was tracking my weight when I got my new fancy scale and I was shocked to look back and see I was weighing in between 168 and 174.2!!! I can't believe during the warmest part of the year, I was walking around at that weight - I definitely want to enjoy this summer wearing tank tops and shorts and not feel uncomfortable, or that I have to cover up.

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