Sunday, January 14, 2007

The end is near to the first weekend of actually trying to lose weight for my wedding in July! It's not going to be an easy task, but I definitely have a worthwhile goal this time.

It's really easy to make "weight goals" for upcoming events (i.e., company christmas party, other people's weddings that I'm attending, etc.) and then break them without another thought when I don't reach my "goal weight" and just wear the "fat" dress in the back of the closet. BUT, this time it's my wedding and that is once in a lifetime!

Since our coaching call last week, I've gone to the gym twice and really enjoyed both visits - there is definitely a renewed vigour and interest in working out! Once more this week to reach my goal.

I blew an extra $100 at the grocery store and filled the fridge with fruits (the ones I actually like) and veggies (which I love raw!). I've bought groceries to makes meals, before we go to the gym. I tried eating first and then going to the gym on Friday night and I really enoyed it - that way I wasn't eating at 9 pm at night.

Shower was somewhat of a success, I ate veggies from the veggie tray I bought, and a few other things on the table (small piece of lasagna, egg salad sandwich and a few meatballs) - I didn't have dessert and drank water!

Tomorrow I'll be back to work and on a regular eating schedule, weekends can be tough and I'm glad the first one is done on my journey to looking AMAZING, improving my health and enjoying life with my new husband!

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Melissa West said...

Becky is right, it is easy to make weight goals and then let them go. That is the beauty of having a coach to keep you on track, remind you of how important your goal is, and help you overcome obstacles.

Congrats on making it to the gym twice this week Becky! One more visit before our call on Thursday and you have met your goal of heading to the gym 3xs this week.

Congrats also on making a monetary commitment to your nutritional intake through your grocery store visit. Having healthier food available will certainly make it easier to make healthy food choices that promote weight loss.

Eating before you go to the gym is a big accomplishment to, a goal that was important to you in the last coaching session.

Becky needs to pat herself on the back for staying away from the deep fried, high fat food available at the shower and sticking to her plan of eating healthier food. An extra slap on the back for trading her favourite diet coke for water.

You are making great progress towards looking AMAZING at your wedding Becky! I forcast a long and healthy life with your new husband! Keep up the great work!