Monday, January 22, 2007

Long weekend, without an extra day in it!

I had a wedding this weekend, which was okay, because there's a preset meal that's usually "pretty" balanced. I did have a 1/2 a piece of chocolate cake for dessert, which is very restrained, - as there was an entire buffet table of desserts to choose from!

My one problem, was the three hour break we had between the ceremony and the reception. We ended up going to the mall (we hadn't bought the gift yet!), which ended up with us walking up & down the mall to pass time and right past the food court, where we shared a fries and drink. I will be working extra hard at the gym tonight to burn off those fries! As french fries & potato chips (okay really any potato-type creation) are my fall-back snack food, I got a great idea from my "coach", to still have the fries but to make them from scratch - oven baked with a little seasoning salt. I will definitely be trying this recipe out.

I also went out last week and bought about $20 (on top of my $300 grocery order last week) of alternative snacks - instead of falling-back to the potato chips. I bought rice cakes, bread sticks (low fat ones), melba toast and a nut/raisin mix. I really enjoyed the flavoured rice cakes to snack on over the weekend.

Tomorrow I'm going to try my first fruit smoothie to get me going in the morning. It's a struggle for me to eat breakfast in the morning, as I used to work out in the field, and would have really early mornings and was too lazy to make breakfast, which has become a habit.

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