Sunday, January 14, 2007

Becky starts nutrition and lifestyle coaching

Becky is a new nutrition and lifestyle client who started working with me to lose 15 pounds before her wedding on July 27, 2006. Becky mentioned other concerns such as high cholesterol, heart burn, and knee problems that we will keep in mind.

Last Thursday we discussed Becky's goals and the challenges she faces in achieving those goals. Becky has decided to combine efforts in the arenas of diet and exercise to lose the extra weight.

Current Weight: 168.6

Weekly Exercise Goal: Hit the gym 3x's this week. Try to round out cardio with a full body weight training program, as Becky was just working out her arms up to this point.

Challenge: Eating dinner before hitting the gym to avoid eating late at night.
Solution: Becky decided to take time over the weekend to meal plan and grocery shop so that she would have good meals ready to go on week nights.

Challenge: Trying to stick to healthy eating when at parties.
Solution: Becky decided to take a raw veggie tray with her to a baby shower that she was attending this weekend. She also decided to eat before she went so that she wouldn't snack on unhealthy food.

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