Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My stomach is grumbling!

I feel like I'm eating more, but my stomach continues to rumble every couple of hours during the day - then I snack on veggies or a piece of fruit and I'm good for another couple of hours till my meal.

Last night, Sean and I did a "test-trial" of eating first and then going to the gym together. Sean's exact word's were "it wasn't that bad actually", which means he'll join me again in reformatting our exercise time! Otherwise he would have had some lonely dinners left on the table for him, as I made dinner first and then went to the gym by myself!

Waiting two more days to check if I've lost any weight (fingers crossed), and will also report on water % bone mass and body fat - I have one of those fancy scales! I can't believe how much I am craving water. I am limiting myself to one diet coke per day (previously I would sometimes go the entire day and realize I had only had diet coke and no water)!

P.S. I hate that photo - seriously, I'm never wearing horizontal stripes again. For anyone that happens to read this, I don't usually look like that. We started a "wall of fame" at work so new employees could check out the board and match names to faces, and this was a test photo to see how far they had to be from each person to get the same size photos - it shouldn't have made the board, but it's a source of inspiration!

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Melissa West said...

Hey Becky

Great technique of filling up with fruits and veggies between meals when your stomach starts rumbling!!!

I am so happy to hear that Sean is being so supportive of your new routine. It really helps to have somebody to sit down with at dinner and head out to the gym with afterwards.

We're looking forward to the forward progress and the weigh in on Thursday too!

Good to hear you are keeping your intake of diet coke down. Glad to hear you are not totally depriving yourself either. Sounds like you are really tuning into your bodies needs and responding by giving it more water. Great stuff.

Talk to you on Thursday! Keep up the great work.