Thursday, January 18, 2007

Big pat on the back for Becky!!!

After one week of nutrition and lifestyle coaching Becky can take full credit for a 2 pound weight loss. Considering she has 27 weeks to lose 15 pounds I would say she is well on track to reaching her target weight. Join me in a round of applause in congratulating Becky on her first 2 pounds!

Becky has experienced many successes this week. She continues to limit herself to 1 diet coke per day. This seems to be keeping her happy without depriving her of her favourite indulgence. Another success to report is making it to her planned 3xs/week at the gym + the aforementioned sweaty ball hockey. Great physical exercise is surely contributing to her weight loss. She also managed to make the switch to eating dinner before the gym without too much pain. All these things are contributing to Becky's forward progress.

We discussed some of Becky's upcoming challenges this week. Becky mentioned that she anticipated craving potato chips and french fries this week. We planned to have some healthy alternatives on hand so that she could avoid indulging herself in a family size bag of potato chips.

Another challenge that Becky is experiencing is eating a good sized breakfast. Currently she grabs a few raisins or a piece of fruit on the go. Considering breakfast is the most important meal of the day and sets the tempo for the metabolism for the rest of the day I have encouraged Becky to increase her calorie intake at breakfast. Becky has committed to having a fruit smoothie in the mornings as a way of starting to eat more breakfast. Still, Becky is doing a good job at getting something into her system first thing in the mornings and she needs to be credited for that. When I first started encouraging my hubby to eat breakfast he started with a donut and a coffee. I was just happy he was getting into the habit of eating something, anything in the morning. Baby steps. Now he sits down to museli bread and a boiled egg most mornings!

One thing to consider when setting a weight loss goal is how to reward your successes. Don't want to do that with a big old slice of chocolate cake. Becky has decided to reward herself with a facial once her scale shows her that magical number below 165.

I'm looking forward to Becky posting about her fabulous facial! Aren't you?

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