Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm lovin' the snacks....

Having the snacks around really works! I have a secret "snack" drawer at work that I can go to when I'm craving a snack. Unfortunately, my fiance Sean also knows about the drawer (we work together) and helps himself on a regular basis! Although, it kind of makes me smile and I enjoy seeing him go into the drawer, because at least he's eating healthier snacks as well, instead of a chocolate bar from the vending machine!

I managed to get to the gym twice this week, in addition to my ball hockey game last night (we won!). I'm counting helping Sean's brother move on Sunday as my third workout - as he's in a townhouse condo, with three full flights of stairs to get to the top floor! I went up and down those stairs numerous times (and then some.....).

Still haven't made a smoothie for breakfast in the morning, a goal to strive for this upcoming week. I have been eating something breakfast each day though, whether rye toast or some cereal, minimal effort to get me into the habit of eating breakfast. One day this week, I actually ate my cereal before even showering, as I was wanting it right when I woke up!

As of this morning......
Weight: 165.0
Body Fat: 33.4
Water: 48.6 %
Bone Mass: 6.5

0.1 lb away from a heavenly facial!!!!

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Melissa West said...

Hey Becky

Can't wait for the treat of your heavenly facial. I am hoping to see you enjoy that next week.

Love that the healthy snacks are working. You are making such a commitment to a healthier lifestyle and I am so proud of you. I love that your efforts are going to increase the length and quality of life that you have with your fiance as the two of you grow deeper and deeper in love with each passing year of your marriage - imagine the two of you in your 80s still enjoying life together because of the choices you made early on!

Great to hear that you are keeping up with the physical activity. I love that you define it in broad terms. Working out doesn't always have to be heading to the gym!

Now, although you haven't made a smoothie yet I think you need to congratulate yourself for starting your day right with some breakfast. This is a huge step and I just want to acknowledge this as a major accomplishment.

In our call we talked about how your healthy choices seem to have a lot to do with timing. I love that you are tuned in to recognize that when you eat and scheduling your eating allows you to be more successful with everything from having breakfast and getting to the gym in the evenings.

You are making great forward progress. Love watching those dropping numbers.